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Meet Maureen Brom

Six months ago Maureen left her job with AH for a part-time role with Joore, which she combines with her study program. No check-out work any longer but gaining experience which she directly puts to good use during her Economics and Business Administration education at Tilburg University. “And the apple does not fall far from the tree in our family, because my brother is an accountant as well.”

“As a part-timer you are a full member of the team”

“My study is going according to plan: if everything works out I’ll finish my bachelor in some months’ time. After that I’ll start my master’s, also at Tilburg University. To gain practical experience I currently work with Joore for two days per week. That was a conscious choice as well as a great tip from my family. I prefer more responsibility with a smaller firm over an internship level job with a large firm.”

Full team member

Although Maureen only works with Joore for two days a week, she is a full member of the team.  “I have found my place, both in my job and among my colleagues. It was easy to connect: everybody is helpful and always open to a chat during work.”

Delicious and instructive

In both days that Maureen works for Joore, she prefers being at the office. “I like to see my colleagues ‘live’ because that makes consultation a little easier. We have flexible workstations and although people prefer their own spots I regularly sit next to a different colleague. That’s quite instructive because you can hear how other colleagues handle things. In addition to that: working at the office is more pleasant than in my digs. And the delicious lunches during my workdays are a great reason to come to the office, too.”

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“Toen ik hoorde dat ik was aangenomen, was ik door het dolle heen”

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“Ik vind het heel inspirerend om ondernemers te leren kennen”

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