We are affiliated with a number of different networks so that we can offer you the best possible service. In the Netherlands, we are a member of SRA and internationally we are a member of JHI International. We also jointly own SMA Accountants NV and Matchplan Corporate Finance BV. Furthermore, we work closely with a specialised tax consultancy firm to support our own tax advisors in specific areas (in particular international areas).

Match Plan Corporate Finance BV

We participate in Match Plan Corporate Finance BV, a mid-size consultancy firm in company acquisitions and sales, management buy-outs, management buy-ins, value assessments and loans.

They focus on national and international small and mid-size companies. Key words are professional, committed, expertise and results-oriented. Match Plan Corporate Finance BV provides its services from its branch offices in The Hague and Tilburg. The Tilburg office is located on our premises.

JHI International

JHI International is a global network of independent accounting firms that are joined together by a common goal, which is adhering to the highest quality standards and providing personal service.

This means that we work together with all member of the JHI International network to answer any international accounting or tax questions you may have in a direct, highly qualified and efficient manner.


The SRA (Cooperative of registered accountants and accounting administration advisors) is the largest organisation of independent, professional, public accounting firms in the Netherlands.

The SRA offers a structure that provides the advantages of a large organisation (expertise, professionalism and investment options) in combination with the advantages of a smaller organisation (personal approach and flexibility, etc.). The SRA sets stringent quality requirements of the services provided by its affiliated firms. There is a permanent system of measures related to expertise and product development, which helps us to be able to provide such a high quality level of service. As stated earlier, a number of our advisors support the SRA in terms of expertise, accounting firm reviews and product development.

SMA Accountants NV

We participate in SMA Accountants NV, a national partnership of accountants and advisors, specifically geared towards large companies, government organisations and non-profits in the top segment of the market.

SMA Accountants NV is one of the few organisations in the Netherlands that has a WTA license (registered accountants act) with an OOB annotation (organisations that benefit the public). As a member of SMA Accountants NV we are an active participant in strategy (one of our advisors is a member of the Board of Governors), technical expertise (one of our advisors focuses on quality and compliance within SMA Accountants NV) and execution (involved in projects).


We work closely with MNBPROFESSIONALS, an independent consultancy firm new style that focuses on identifying and exploiting of performance improvement potential in SME’s, with the aim to improve profitability and cashflow on a structural basis.

In order to realize the aim, MNBPROFESSIONALS developed the BIT for more working method, characterized by added value guarantee and a personal tailor-made approach. She offers small and mid-size companies the opportunity to include experienced professionals in their organization on a structural basis and against SME worthy rates. Through in-house partnership and on-the-job coaching measures are implemented so that efficiciency improvements are actually realized. This means that MNBPROFESSIONALS’ solution contributes to achieving short term goals by its clients, but also supports the further alignment of work carried out by staff with the strategic objectives.

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