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Junior assistant accountant (parallel to your studies, 16 – 24 hours)

16 - 24 uur per week

You have only one chance to do something for the first time. So you’d better make sure that your first time is interesting, right? Well, that’s the opportunity that we’re offering you now. As a junior assistant accountant with Joore in Tilburg you will take your first steps in the world of accountancy in the best way possible. We will teach you the profession in practice, while you practice what you have learned, surrounded by ambitious and young people, for at least two days a week. There’s no better and more attractive start to your career!

What can you do with us?

As a junior assistant accountant you will work with and for interesting clients. You will immediately join a fun and young team of colleagues between 20 and 40. You will go all out on audit or compilation engagements (you can choose which suits you best), give our clients (un)solicited advice and make sure that their accounts are flawless.

What you will do exactly, depends on the progress of your education and your experience. One clue: in audit work the focus is on checking and assessing processes and drawing up proposals for improvement. In the compilation practice you will be involved in preparing financial statements, (assisting in) preparing and assessing interim reports. Don’t be afraid of stage fright: an experienced colleague will support you and help you hit the ground running.

We create an environment where there is room for your plan.

What do you need to offer?

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic young colleague. A person who loves figures and is very interested in the backgrounds of those figures.


  • have almost completed your Accountancy or Business Administration bachelor’s or master’s;
  • are prepared to follow an AA or RA education;
  • have a passion for the accountancy profession and for making a difference for clients;
  • have strong communication skills, focus on quality and are a natural team player;
  • are bursting with the ambition to reach the top together with your team.

What are our plans for you?

For the five requirements on our list there are five opportunities we offer to you. That creates a balance, which is important in our profession. We offer you:

  • a fantastic opportunity in a professional, collegial and informal organization
  • attention to a proper work – private life balance;
  • ample opportunities for personal development, for working towards your ambitions, such as generous facilities to study and work with international colleagues;
  • plenty of opportunity to work out your own ideas;
  • a flexible schedule around exam weeks, because we want you to graduate as much as you do.

Does your plan for success take you to Joore?

Are you the junior assistant accountant who we are looking for? And does your plan match our vision? Make the best choice of the year right now and email your c.v. and motivation to Raymond Joore: Would you like to ask him something about the vacancy? Send him an email or phone: 013-5900017.

You get this with Joore

Good salary

You are of value and we reward you for that. Because we do not work with fixed job profiles, but fill positions based on skills, experiences and wishes, we do not have a fixed salary structure. We do make specific agreements about financial growth opportunities. Count on a more than market-based salary.

Growth opportunities

Together we make your plan for success a reality. We have tools for customization, such as trainers and training, even after completing your education. And an external top sports coach who can help you make your plan. Are you satisfied with the place you have with us? That's okay. We do not believe in 'up-or-out', but in the right balance.

Additional conditions

Tell us what you think is important, how you like the balance between work and private life or how many hours you want to work. We'll find a way. We help you make things possible. Because if you are comfortable in your own skin, you will also feel better during your work. That is precisely why we serve a top lunch prepared by our own chef every day. That gives you energy!

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Working with Joore

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