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Meet Guido Joore

When he was a kid his father took him along and he met many entrepreneurs. “It must have been when I was about twelve when I realized I wasn’t really going to be a pro football player. And right away I knew: later I’ll go into business.”

“The figures are just the cement; what matters is what’s around it”

With his father Ger Joore, founder of the firm as his role model, he decided to attend NIVRA – Nyenrode. “That education was never a purpose but a means to be able to do what I do now. The energy I receive from entrepreneurs is something I simply cannot do without. Every story and every company is unique. The figures are just the cement, what matters is all the things around them and what you can do to make your idea or company shine. Being by the side of an entrepreneur and being able to contribute to that is a nice challenge, each and every time.”

Guido’s plan

To Guido, working together is always the key to success. “I can’t help smiling broadly when I am walking through the office and I see a client with one of my colleagues at a desk. Consulting together, focusing on an issue. I also enjoy seeing experienced team members constantly guiding younger colleagues. We’re all equal here. That seems obvious but that’s not often the case in our world. In our firm it’s not all about figures, but actually about people. We do things differently and that’s why we make a difference. With each other, for each other and for our clients.”

Always plenty of opportunities 

As an entrepreneur and employer Guido experiences all the time how important it is to stay agile. “The world is constantly changing. So are people. We want to offer a work environment in which you can always make choices. Does your home situation change? Do you have new ambitions? Do you want to press the Pause button? You can do it all. Continuing the dialogue as equal partners is the basis for shared success.”

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“Here everything can be discussed and new choices are always possible”

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“Top club in accountancy”

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Working with Joore

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