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Meet Sander van den Bemt

Sander chose for Joore in 2021. Initially for a part-time job in combination with his study program. “The ideal student job, because you don’t learn in lecture halls alone but especially in practice. That introduction gave me an appetite for more”. Now he combines his full-time job with a part-time master’s at Nyenrode. “My weeks are full but that’s ok because my work gives me plenty of energy.”

“I have a team that listens and likes to help me: colleagues I can always depend on.”

“Here I’m not just allowed to watch; I can actually contribute to the work. That made the choice for Joore a no-brainer at the time. I’m not a small wheel in a large engine here: I work together in a team in which everyone has a role. That energizes my ambition and enthusiasm for the profession even more. Another great thing: we are part of an international network. That is not just a logo on a letterhead; we actually work together. These days I consult with our colleagues in Cyprus for one of our clients and I’ve learned a lot from that, too.”

Sander’s plan

“Completing my master’s. I am very confident that my work with Joore will remain interesting. We’re making quite a name for ourselves, the client portfolio is interesting and so is my work. The combination of full-time work and a part-time master’s is challenging but it’s worth the effort for me. As far as this is concerned I can count on my colleagues, because most of them followed the same road as I do. So I don’t have one buddy but an entire team with open ears for my story. There is always someone available for professional advice or a peptalk.”

Work-private life 

Sander has found his position in the team. “I am a social person and can talk with anyone. But if you’re a bit less outgoing that’s fine, too. At the moment I still live with my parents, which is ideal due to long days and study activities. My girlfriend has also found a full-time job after she graduated and that way each of us knows exactly what the other needs. My work-private life balance is fine, even if I have to skip korfball practice now and then. During the week I’m happy to be busy with my work and education and in the weekend I enjoy the closeness and companionship of my family, girlfriend and friends.

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“Here everything can be discussed and new choices are always possible”

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“The figures are just the cement; what matters is what’s around it”

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