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Meet Imke Bekker

Imke meanwhile knows all the ins and outs at Joore. She first joined during the first year internship of her Associate degree, worked part-time during her education and is now graduating while working at Joore. “I am going all-out for my graduation. After the holidays I will start as an assistant accountant, combining a job and a part-time bachelor track.”

“My first internship gave me an appetite for more. That’s why I first started out part-time as a student, am now graduating with Joore, and I will be an assistant accountant very soon”

“An Associate degree is a two-year college (“hbo”) program, more focused on the practice than a regular bachelor program, which suits me. We have done many projects, working with professionals, plus there are two internships in two years. We have every opportunity to get to know the world of business. I found my way to Joore through my LinkedIn network. The great thing is that I was allowed to do a lot right from the start, such as prep work for clients’ financial statements. Because I am currently working in the audit practice, I regularly visit clients and am in direct contact with them. It’s great that lines of communication are so short and that you have opportunities and the trust of your team.”

Great combination

“It’s super that I am given every opportunity to develop. Continuing one’s education is stimulated here, but in the end you make that choice yourself. To me the combination of a job and a part-time bachelor is interesting, because I earn a good salary and study at the same time. Of course it will be tough, combining a job and a demanding study program. Not a typical student lifestyle at all. But I’m certain of the outcome. I’m confident that I have it in me.”

At the table together

Joore is a warm and inspiring environment for Imke. “We all work hard but there is also time to relax. No matter how busy the day may be, at the office we have lunch together. Three days a week we have a freshly cooked lunch, which may be a pastry, salad, soup or a poke bowl. On Monday there are freshly made sandwiches, and Friday is often French Fries Day. Because of the great food nobody stays at their desks but everybody gets together for lunch. At those times focus is not on work; we talk about other things instead. That way you get to know your colleagues in a different way.”

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“Here everything can be discussed and new choices are always possible”

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“The figures are just the cement; what matters is what’s around it”

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Working with Joore

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