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Meet Luc van Hout

At the firm they call him the meerkat, because he keeps track of everything from a distance. “I know what’s going on, I’m always there for my colleagues.”

“My work is an attractive mix of figures and people”

Luc’s study career followed a path from a full-time “hbo” finance & control bachelor to a part-time study program. “They needed me here at Joore”, he jokes. “I started out as an intern during the second year of my education. The experience was so good that I continued working while I studied. In my third year I was offered a full-time employment. So now I combine my part-time bachelor program with a full-time job.”


“Completing my education is somewhat delayed. You could say that I have more pleasure in my work than in my study program. Fortunately they keep pushing me here, which I appreciate. Of course I would like to complete my bachelor. The advantage of a study–work combination is that I learn in practice, which is an advantage in my study program.”

Social feelers

“My work is an attractive mix of figures and people; helping others is something that I really like to do. This resulted in my nickname, meerkat: I have well-developed social feelers. I am one of the regular supervisors for the working students and interns; during their initial time I introduce them in the firm. That is quite intensive but also a great thing to do. What I like about working with Joore? That they find out what you’re good at, and let you develop yourself in that direction. It is not a problem if you can’t do everything. That gives me the feeling of freedom and a lot of satisfaction in my work.”

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“Here everything can be discussed and new choices are always possible”

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“The figures are just the cement; what matters is what’s around it”

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Working with Joore

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