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Experienced financial administrative assistant

24 - 40 uur per week

Our clients are developing constantly. Their financial administration is important to them, but sometimes also a burden. Fortunately they have Joore. We keep track of the figures for our clients and we see to it that they are perfectly accurate, so that our clients can focus on those things they are better at or like more. So does working with figures come naturally to you and are you open to a new career opportunity? We have a good short- as well as a long-term plan for you: join Joore as a financial administrative assistant!

What can you do with us?

Most of our clients see to (part of) their own accounts themselves. We provide support in case they need some extra help, for instance for their tax returns. Or when they are too busy and wish to engage a third person for their administration. You are the person who helps them in that case. At our own office (or from home), but if necessary also on site, with the client.

Together with two colleagues you are responsible for the administration and tax returns we see to on behalf of our clients. You will ensure that everything is complete, correct and up to date. And you are your clients’ first point of contact for anything related to figures. You will build a professional and pleasant business relationship, one of the better aspects of your job.

After you have finished your work you transfer the file to your colleagues who prepare the financial statements. You will see to it that this transfer is smooth and that your colleagues are well-informed.

We create an environment where there is room for your plan.

What do you need to offer?

We are looking for a new colleague who already has some experience on his or her c.v. You recognize yourself in the following:

  • you have completed at least a relevant “mbo+” level education;
  • you have preferably at least 3 years of relevant work experience;
  • your work is a pleasure for you, which you do not hide;
  • you are flexible: switching between various work activities is easy for you;
  • you actively look for ways to work as intelligently and effectively as possible;
  • you have strong communication skills, focus on quality and are a real team player;
  • you like to perform your work on site with our clients;
  • you have preferably good spoken and written English language skills.

What are our plans for you?

Of course we do not only ask – we also have a great deal to offer. Such as:

  • an excellent salary in line with your knowledge and experience;
  • attention to a proper work – private life balance;
  • ample opportunities for personal development, for working towards your ambitions, such as generous education facilities;
  • plenty of opportunity to work out your own ideas.

Does your plan for success take you to Joore?

Are you the experienced financial administrative assistant who we are looking for? And does your plan match our vision? Make the best choice of the year right now and email your c.v. and motivation to Raymond Joore: Would you like to ask him something about the vacancy? Send him an email or phone: 013-5900017.

You get this with Joore

Good salary

You are of value and we reward you for that. Because we do not work with fixed job profiles, but fill positions based on skills, experiences and wishes, we do not have a fixed salary structure. We do make specific agreements about financial growth opportunities. Count on a more than market-based salary.

Growth opportunities

Together we make your plan for success a reality. We have tools for customization, such as trainers and training, even after completing your education. And an external top sports coach who can help you make your plan. Are you satisfied with the place you have with us? That's okay. We do not believe in 'up-or-out', but in the right balance.

Additional conditions

Tell us what you think is important, how you like the balance between work and private life or how many hours you want to work. We'll find a way. We help you make things possible. Because if you are comfortable in your own skin, you will also feel better during your work. That is precisely why we serve a top lunch prepared by our own chef every day. That gives you energy!

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Does your plan to success run through Joore?

Working with Joore

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